hey you!! wowza, u found my carrd!! <3
welcomee!! ii hope u liike iit!!!1
sorry iif n-e of the liinkz dont work , ii miight have liinked wrong or dont have access 2 that websiite n-e-more

current namez: bunni / elliot / furby

age: 13 (ii'm a miinor , don't b weiird)
pronounz: they/them , it/its , that thing/it , bug/bugs , bunny/buns , bee/bees , furb/furbyz (all my pronounz r on my pronouny n pronouns page!!!1)

gender: non-biinary trans boy / pronounhoarder

smexualiity: abroromantiic / demiisexual / ambiamorous :]

also uh-
ii'm neurodiivergent (not diiagnosed w/ n-e-thiing but iim 80% sure ii have adhd)
↳ pls use tone tags iif ya can!!

me typiing quiirk: i = ii | (sometiimes) s = z | to = 2 | for = 4 | and = n | an = nn
[iif you need me to translate sumthiin from my quiirk don't b afraiid 2 ask !!!,,]

ii talk iin 3rd person sometiimes!! ii'll prolly say ii am / ask iif iiitz okay 2 do before ii go liike "SO THEY WERE THIINKIIN-" /ex

age regressiion: ii regress to 3-6 usually!! (completely sfw!!) *•.

aw that's poggerz mum!! /q

  • the dream smp (dsmp)

  • mcyt (tommyiinniit , ldshadowlady !!!!!!)

  • miinecraft

  • craiig of the creek (cotc)

  • the amaziing world of gumball (tawog)

  • sanders siides (ss) n thomas sanders

  • aniimalz <33 (catz,dogz,axolotl,frogz,snaiilz,everythiing basiically!!1)

  • kaomojii

  • drawiing / aniimatiing / art

  • kandii!!!

  • roleplayiing!!! ii started rpiing iin roblox, then tumblr , then on diiscord!! iits rlly fun :DD (sadly ii dont have access 2 diiscord haha-/neg)

  • cosplayiing!!!! ii absolutely loveee cosplayers !! ii wanna cosplay iin the future but ii haven't gotten there yet (">.>)

  • makeup- iits poggers :DD ii wanna do cool makeup SOOO badly >:((( /pos

  • briight/pastel/dark colors (ii'm a mess lol)

  • thiis color. just. MMMMMMM oh and thiis one !!! aaaa colorz make me habby /pos

  • musiic!!! agh,, ii luv iit sm

  • aesthetiicz n alt subculturez. theyre so friickiin scrumptiious.

  • long furbiies n furbiies!!!!

  • beaniie babiies n stuffed aniimals

  • clothes n makeup and alt fashiion !!! giives me the happiies

  • raiinnnn <33

  • kiinniing!!!! ,,, makes me habby when ii relate to characters alot,,


  • mean ppl

  • diiscriimiinatiion

  • flashiing liights

  • capiitaliiziing sentencez (ii have no need 2 be formal when iim a beiing of chaos)

  • liight mode. /hj

  • sodas that arent flat - liike bro why r you spiiky

kiinz go here !!!!!(doublez r fiine , ii only kiin 4 funziiez!!)
🐸patton sanders (ss)🐸🐍janus sanders (ss)🐍
🐙remus sanders (ss)🐙👕tommyinnit (dsmp)👕
🐝tubbo (dsmp)🐝🚐wilbur soot (dsmp)🚐
💙ghostbur (dsmp)💙🟢ranboo (dsmp)🔴
🐷technoblade (dsmp)🐷🔵 quackity (dsmp)🔵
🐱gumball (tawog)🐱🐊pullstring (cotc)🐊
🪓the once-ler (the lorax movie (2012))🪓🐰withered bonnie (fnaf 2)🐰
🤍the mangle (fnaf 2)💗iits uneven aaaaaa

secret code: put "#weeee" where the "#heheh" currently resiidez !!!!

triiggerz(no quiirk after thiis 4 more clariity)
extremely detailed talk about or images of suicide / self harmyelling / being yelled at
extremely detailed talk about or images of sexual assault / r4peanimal abuse
the names Cooper and Dillion (specific spelling)mentions of sending nudes
squiickz(no quiirk after thiis 4 more clariity)
saying i look like a marshmallowcalling me "smol" (specific spelling)
the red heart emoji (❤)the apple/ios duck emoji (🦆)
the " :/ " emoticonsaying "act your age" (especially if i'm regressed)
images of pulling on eyelids / peeling them backmentioning vocal chords / voice box(es) being removed / ripped out
bones sticking out of skin / joints bending the wrong waybeing called "psycho"
saying everything is my faulttransphobia (when directed at me)
byf / ii
ii make a lot of jokez , so iif u think ii crossed the liine pls tell me !!!
ii key smash , ii use tone tagz ( pls use em w/ me ) , n ii speak wiith all capz frequently
ii'm rlly bad at startiing conversatiionz unless we have common iinterestz !!
pls lmk iif ii should tw somethiing !!!
diiscourse makes me rlly upset so ii miight not be actiive iif theres a ton goiing around
dnii / f if.. (no quiirk 4 clariity) 
you fit the general dni criteria (racist , homophobic , transphobic , xenophobic , ableist , misogynist , etc)you're anti-neopronouns , anti-nounself pronouns , anti-xenogenders
you're over 18 (i'm a minor and it makes me uncomfy to have adults interacting w/ me)if you run a pro-ana / ed acc
you sexualise agere (ddgl, cgl) or are against ityou run a k!nk / p0rn acc
you support cringe cultureyou use slurs you can't reclaim
you are a trump supporter / support alm (all lives matter) / support blue lives matteryou sexualise / ship minors or characters who are minors w/ adults (including if you age them up. gross.)
you're a p3dophile / map / pro-mapterf / swerf / radfem
you fetishize mlm / wlw ships (or any sexualities / genders / identities in general)you're an ace / pan exclusionist (or an exclusionist in general
you are / support "super straight" 

ugh, fiine, ii guess you ARE my liittle pogchamp,,, /q